Jesus, The Faithful One 2017

Praise be to God the Father and to Jesus, The Faithful One!

Didn’t our hearts burn as we spent time with one another and in the presence of The Faithful One? We pray that your spirit, soul, and body were nourished and refreshed. Jesus moved mightily as He filled us with His Word, His Spirit, and His power. We were equipped to overcome every evil work as evidenced in the demonstration of signs, wonders, miracles, and testimonies. We no longer have to fear anything because we have The Faithful One.

Here are the notes and video links from our weekend seminar: Jesus, The Faithful One.

Session 2 – Faith For such a Time As This – Dr. La Fayette Scales, Apostle

  1. Download Weekend Slides
  2. Answers to Faith For Such a Time As This Handout.
  3. Video #1: Muslim Demographics
  4. Video #2: Economic Barriers

Session 4:  Samuel and Raycenia Notes:  The Spiritual Technology and Process of Faith

Session 7:  Passing The Baton Of Faith  Dr. La Fayette Scales, Apostle

  1. Download Passing the Baton Handout
  2. Video #1:  How do millennials see the world?
  3. Video #2:  Acapella-The millennials song parody
  4. Video #3:  Michael Jr: Know Your Why Video
(USA TODAY video) Millennials PEW Report