The Beginning

In 1998, New Beginnings Leadership, Business and Individual Development Center, Inc. was established and its leadership was commissioned by God to go develop partnerships with like-minded Holy Spirit-led Leaders to develop and mobilize a global network of Holy Spirit-led, Christian leaders and disciples to be, do and to train others to be and do the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ where they are, live, play, go to school, and work; especially in the marketplace.

In essence—equip, exhort, inspire, and strengthen God’s people how to be like Jesus wherever they are.

What makes the New Beginnings Leadership Center unique is we come alongside Christian leaders.  We provide Christ-centered, biblically-based, cutting-edge learning opportunities, and interventions that help develop Christians in becoming skilled Holy Spirit-led leaders, standing firm in their faith in Jesus Christ and solving life and leadership challenges Jesus’ Way.

We equip leaders in how to know, hear, experience God and apply His Word in their everyday lives and decisions. Additionally, through mentoring, coaching, small group cohorts and leadership advances, we help facilitate the healing of the leader’s heart (spirit) and soul (mind, will and emotions) from life choices, past hurts and traumatic events so he/she can effectively be and do all God has purposed for them.

We have researched, designed and conducted hundreds of successful leadership learning opportunities (bible studies, courses, seminars, forums, workshops, conferences, retreats, coffee and tea gatherings, etc.) that facilitate Christian Leaders in being more effective, efficient and productive in their own lives and in doing the work of the Ministry of Jesus Christ right where they are.

Our interactive Holy Spirit-led curriculum is based on approximately 20 years of marketplace experience and 18 years of leadership development training experience.  Our Curriculum Standards were developed and designed as part of Master Thesis research and Executive programs at Harvard, Bowie State, and Johns Hopkins Universities.

We have successfully educated, trained, and equipped leaders (youth, young adults, and adults) of various denominations and professions in our curriculum; helping to make the Word of God a reality in their everyday lives and decisions.  We are witnessing transformation in the lives of leaders who are impacting the 7 Mountains/Systems through the ministry.

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Our Vision

Our vision is be a Godly, Global Resource and an Ambassador’s Center of Excellence (G.²R.A.C.E) for Jesus Christ to His Church and the nations.  By equipping and arming a New Reformation of Holy Spirit-led Apostolic and Prophetic Five-Fold ministers, leaders and intercessors of various professions and spheres of influence our aim is to see the advancement of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

We desire is to see Christian Leaders to effective, efficient and productive in operating in the divine power, authority, nature and character of Jesus Christ and then train others to do likewise.

In essence—do what Jesus said do:  “…go make disciples of all nations…” transforming the world with the love, light and life of Jesus Christ wherever they are in the Marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip Christian leaders in our Holy-Spirit Led Curriculum Standards in how to be like Jesus through knowing and experiencing:


  1. The love of God, Our Heavenly Father (spiritual sonship)
  2. Discerning and hearing God’s voice and applying the Word of God
  3. Apostolic/prophetic praise, worship and intercession
  4. Living Life in the Spirit
  5. Inner healing and deliverance
  6. Discovering and walking in divine identity, calling and purpose
  7. Peacemaking – solving conflict biblically
  8. Marketplace Leadership & Ministry
  9. Organic Spiritual Leadership: Spiritual Fathers and Mothers
  10. Kingdom philanthropy & financial stewardship

Our Goal

We have a four-fold strategic objective:


  1. Develop Holy-Spirit-led Christian Leaders who are healed in their hearts (spirits) and souls (mind will, and emotions) from past hurts, wounds, shame, guilt, fears, etc.
  2. Equip them to be effective, efficient and productive in their Christian lives, standing firm in their faith in Jesus Christ, and being who He has called them to be right where they are, live, play, go to school and work; especially in the marketplace
  3. Train them how to effectively train others  to be and do likewise; in order to:
  4. Rebuild the walls of Godly Leadership in our families, congregations, communities, cities, and nations; turning the hearts of the fathers toward the children and the hearts of the children towards the fathers thereby reforming the spiritual, moral and social condition of our nation towards God.

Our Accomplishments

We are effectivein what we do.  We have trained,equipped, and mentored leaders and disciples (youth young adults andadults) of various professions and spheresof influence in our 10 Standard Holy Spirit-led Leadership Curriculum, which was developed as part of Master Thesis Research and Executive Programs at Harvard, Bowie State, and Johns Hopkins Universities.


Throughour Biblically-based, Christ centered leadership development learning opportunities, New Beginnings Leadership Development Center reaches out to re-capture the hearts of this and the next generations of Holy Spirit–led Christian leaders.  As a result, lives of leaders are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Leaders are being healed from past hurts, wounds and unproductive habits as they experience, believe, receive and apply the truth of God’s Word and how much He cares about their individual lives and professions.  Leaders leave our training with one or more of the following: 


  • Deeper revelation, understanding and appreciation of the reality of the love of God and who He is;
  • The power and authority of living, walking and being led by Holy Spirit;
  • The necessity for Godly, moral leadership in today’s society;
  • Knowledge that they are made in the image and greatness of God;
  • How to hear God’s voice and develop a personal relationship with Him;
  • An appreciation for Apostolic and Prophetic prayer, worship, intercession and spiritual warfare. Seeing curses broken, captives set free, delivered and lives transformed.
  • Spiritually and emotionally healed, affirmed, empowered and released for effective congregational, community and marketplace leadership.
  • A greater appreciation of how God desires to equip them supernaturally beyond their skills, talents, gifts and education as they are submissive to God’s will, plan and purpose;
  • A deeper realization of the plan, purpose and call that God has for their lives;
  • Respect for Leaders of different denominations, professions, racial and socio-economical levels;
  • Cutting-edge tools to help them integrate and stand firm in their faith representing Jesus Christ in their everyday life;
  • Encouraged, Rested, refreshed, restored and with fresh revelation from God how to use what they have learned to transform their lives, those they lead to make a lasting difference in the world


We are effectively equipping and arming a New Reformation of Holy Spirit-led Apostolic and Prophetic Five-Fold ministers and leaders of every profession, vocation and sphere of influence for the effective advancement of the Kingdom of God here on earth.