Our past works were initiated by the Holy Spirit and based upon addressing the problem He assigned us. We not only assessed the problem, we applied the research and developed effective tools and cutting edge learning opportunities to tackle the problems/challenges that the people of God face.
A. 1990: Raycenia Moyer received the call and vision from God

B. 1998: Samuel and Raycenia Moyer established New Beginnings Leadership Center

C. 1998 – 1999: Executive Programs and Graduate School Research & Development: The Role of the Church in The 21st Century (Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Bowie State Universities)
Initial Problem Identified: Gap Between Knowledge and Application of the Word of God

  • 1998 – Established the Master’s Coffee and Tea Room for Christian Leaders
  • 1999 – Launched an Intercessory Prayer Group

D. 2000-2013: Application of Research – DMV Region

  • 2000 – Launched the Marketplace Spiritual Leadership Forums
  • 2003 – Launched Eagles Nest Student Leaders [Jr. & Sr. High)
  • 2005 – Launched Youth Matters (For Jr. & Sr. High Students & Their Leaders)
  • 2005 – Launched Apostolic Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Gatherings
  • 2005 – Launched Women Embracing Women in Leadership, Ministry & Community
  • 2005 – Founders Ordained – Received Prophetic Word to Expand Westward

E. 2006-2008: Graduate Student Study@ Harvard University—NewB® Holy Spirit Leadership Curriculum
Second Problem Identified: Youth and Young Adults Walking Away From Christian Faith

F. 2006-2015: Application of Research – DMV (MD, DC, VA) Region

  • 2006 – Began Mentoring Young Emerging Leaders (in Congregations and Marketplace)
  • 2008 – Launched Emerging Spiritual Leaders (20/30 Somethings)
  • 2010 – Launched Intergenerational Leadership & Discipleship Training

G. 2007- 2015: Application of Research – Centre PA Region

  • 2007 – Launched Intercessory Prayer Forums and Relationship Building
  • 2010 – Held Board of Directors Leadership Gatherings (Expand Westward)
  • 2011 – Launched Annual Centre PA Leadership Gatherings in State College PA
  • 2012 – Pilot Leadership & Discipleship Gatherings on Penn State Campus
  • 2012 – Founders Formal Apostolic Covenant Commissioning

H. 2013-2015: Intercessory Prayer Burden & Assessment of The Condition of The Church (The people of God) in the Nation. Assessment were conducted over a two year period via various face-to-face leadership gatherings, forums, focus groups and collaborations with 100+ Christian Leaders and intercessors of various spheres of influence from the DMV, PA, OH, KS, & NY Regions. (Assessment Revealed 150 + Conditions Hindering the Effectiveness of The Church (the people of God) in the nation.

Third Problem Identified & Mandate: Moral Decline of the Nation & Condition of The Church (a comparison of the book of Ezekiel and Revelation Chap. 2-3 to the Church in America Today)

  • 2013 – Launched DMV & PA Intercessory Prayer, Worship & Spiritual Warfare Forums
  • 2013 – Launched DMV & PA Marketplace Leadership Forums & Focus Group
  • 2013 – Partnered with Dr. La Fayette Scales, Apostle, Rhema Christian Center Columbus, Ohio and established the Ohio Leadership Covenant Collaboration (OLCC)

Our past works are foundational and essential building blocks to our current & future work assignments