The moral, spiritual and social conditions of America have deteriorated.

Look around, we see a widespread deterioration of the family structure as God originally intended Idolatry, immorality, violence, pride, greed, crime and social injustice, etc., prevail throughout the land.

America as a whole and much of its leadership no longer seek the God of the Bible or value Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was established. As a result, the nation is becoming spiritually and morally darker.

As our nation is becoming spiritually and morally darker, the culture of society as a whole is becoming negatively impacted. Cultural refers to mindsets and beliefs as well as governing laws, policies and procedures. Ultimately, individual behaviors can be shaped by these predominating attitudes; many of which are contrary to the Word of God (The Bible). These attitudes have significant impact not only our nation but the Church (the people of God), the world and our future generations.

Jesus Christ established His Church (the people of God) to be a guiding light and force that would effectively advance the Kingdom of God here on earth. However, many Christians look like, talk like and act like those in the world who do not know God or His Word. By continuing to do so, the Church as a whole is in danger of losing her impact in a dark world.

Many Christians want to be effective, efficient and productive in implementing their faith in Jesus Christ in their daily lives and decisions; especially in their school and work life. Yet, many don’t know how, where to begin nor have good role models.

Many are fearful, wounded, ashamed, frustrated and tired of “church as usual”.

Many feel powerless to affect positive change in their personal lives and everyday situation.

This powerlessness hinders effective leadership and directly impacts the spiritual, moral, and social cultural in families, communities, cities, nations and the Church.

This must change and the time is now!

Many Christians are wounded, frustrated and tired of “church as usual”.